What is the value of cryptocurrency asset class?

If you are an investor you probably know about the “Digital Asset Class” of investments and you may have diversified your portfolio with crypto currency; this blog will keep you up to date with blockchain technology which is also known as distributed ledger technology(DLT) and the fluctuation of bitcoin’s and altcoins’ value.

If Digital Asset investment is something new to you, this blog will show you the benefits of blockchain such as (1) its super fast transactional characteristic, (2) minimum cost to transfer money, (3) protection against inflation, (4) protection against the ups/downs of the country issuing a currency, (5) protection against a country’s monetary policy and much more…

Let’s begin with a crypto currency market overview, as of September 12, 2017, the total CryptoCurrency Market Cap is over $149.8 billion USD; just five months ago, it was $25 billion. It’s important to note that the cryptocurrency market capitalization took eight years and four months to reach the $25 billion market cap milestone(May 2017). Suddenly, the cryptocurrency market exploded in value within the last five months with an infusion of $124.8 billion dollars.

What’s the reason behind the rapid growth? One main contributing factor is the influx of massive investments from institutional investors such as capital venture firms, fortune 500 corporations in all sectors of industry and even governments globally. All these industries and governments are racing to be the first to develop robust blockchain applications which will revolutionalize how entities operate in the digital domain.

In layman’s terms: we are witnessing the GOLD RUSH to Internet 5.0 Blockchain Technology Innovation! What is the blockchain innovation?

Blockchain(also known as the distributed ledger technology – DLT), the technology underlying these digital currencies, is the catalyst for innovative application developments at the enterprise level in all sectors of industry. While Bitcoin introduced the blockchain technology to the world, Ethereum has been revolutionizing its enterprise use.

A bit of advice:

“Emerging Bitcoin market is volatile. But in volatility, that’s how people have opportunities to make money.” – Sir Richard Branson in a 2010 Street Smart Interview on Bloomberg when the price of one bitcoin was 7 cents; fast forward to September 12, 2017, one bitcoin is valued at $4,273 at 5:45 AM PST.

Seeing an investment opportunity? Investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide an exciting opportunity to invest in an entirely new asset class(Initial Coin Offering aka ICO) with its inherent nature of high risk, high returns; high risk especially for those who start investing in these assets without learning and understanding the function and value of a specific crypto coin of investment interest.

Learn More About Digital Investing In Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology Explained – The real value of blockchains and crypto currency technology.

You will find in the above link not only explanations for blockchain technology and crypto currencies but also up-to-date new developments, market conditions as well a governments’ regulations.

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Just like any investment opportunities, the basic rule of fundamental investing applies – higher risk typically goes hand in hand with higher returns; that’s why those who want low risk, buy US treasury notes or put their money in a certificate of deposits, etc.

While Bitcoin is notorious in the news media for it’s ‘dark’ illegal usage in Darknets and recently in ransom-ware demands, the underlying technology of blockchain is now being used and developed on an enterprise level with the invention of Ethereum and similar altcoins with business applications.

Any mention of corporations, ICOs, crypto coins, altcoins aka cryptocurrency is not an endorsement and there’s no expressed or implied assurance or promised a return on investment.

As a note of caution: be aware that with the recent rules/proposed rules by SEC and other governmental agencies and how that may affect one’s investment in terms of taxation [source: Coinbase’s information on IRS guidelines for how to report taxes  1 ] [2] [3] [4] [5] and other regulations.]

About the Author:

A former EPA member, Tim is currently teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area. With his experience in computer engineering Tim tracks emerging blockchain technology developments in the crypto currency space. He became a digital cash enthusiast after seeing the rapid growth of the Ethereum blockchain enterprise in banking and trade. Tim has a successful record of selecting digital assets for exceptional return on investment.

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